The curriculum of the Fraternity is personally guided and consists of study, meditation, and ritual. Its studies center around the mystical Arts of Qabalah, Alchemy, Astrology, Magick, the Tarot, and what may be called Occult Psychology. Meditation is used to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the Tradition and to develop in the aspirant a personal communication link with the only true Teacher, one’s own Higher Self. The rituals are aimed at invoking quantum changes in consciousness, leading toward a perception of the inner realities behind outward appearances.

An important part of the curriculum is the application of the teachings toward healing. With the use of color and sound, a harmonizing and equilibrating energy is released by their work, for all those who are in need, be they student, friend or foe.

Correspondence Course Work

Your initial steps on the Path of Return can be overwhelming. There is so much information in print and on the Internet that it is often hard to know where to look first. Compounding this difficulty is the superabundance of occult schools offering all manner of training in the esoteric sciences.

There are different schools precisely because there are aspirants with different needs and different backgrounds and temperaments. What may be right for one is not necessarily right for another. We counsel careful discrimination before making a decision about joining any occult order.

The Fraternitas L.V.X. Occulta does not make its claim solely on the basis of antiquity or because we profess the ability to give you power you do not now possess. We are a fraternity of women and men dedicated to personal growth and the expression of our true selves. Our common goal is illumination and the full expression of Wisdom, Love and Power. Wisdom is acquired by the experience of correct actions based upon true knowledge and insight. Love is developed through meditation which opens the heart for the illumination of Union with the ALL. Power is developed through the correct application of Wisdom and Love, as for example, through Ritual. The power employed in the rituals of the F.L.O. is the power of Love, the only true power in the Universe. As one great adept said:

“Practical occultism is a method of self-training, a system of education, in the strict sense of that word, which means “drawing forth.” The powers to be brought into manifestation are already present in the inner life of the aspirant. His aim is to discover these hidden potencies, and to learn how best to employ them. Thus it is that the great texts of Ageless Wisdom insist always that the fundamental lesson we all must learn is that there is no limit to the possibilities of the Spirit in man.”

Make no mistake. All the powers of the universe are at your disposal here and now. You do not need to get something you do not now have. Rather, to succeed in the Great Work, you must learn to control and utilize the interior forces of your own personality with greater skill and awareness.

A well known occult saying is: “Many are called, but few are chosen.” No teacher or organization, can give you any power which is not already present in yourself. The most they can do is to introduce you to your self and show you how to nurture that relationship. The Path of Initiation lays open before you.

Are you ready?