Paul Foster Case Archive

Dr. Paul Case

Masonic Affiliations
Abstract of Paul Case’s Masonic memberships culled from the archives of the Masonic Grand Lodge of California.
Author: Kevin M. Tuck

PFC Bibliography
A comprehensive list of known works written by Case.
Author: Kevin M. Tuck

The Life Power
Abstract of a lecture delivered at the Hotel Astoria in New York City in December 1922.

Letter to Israel Regardie #1
January 15, 1933. Topics discussed: Dangers of Enochian Magic, Tattwas, origins and value of the Golden Dawn system, biographical information.

Letter to Israel Regardie #2
August 10, 1933. Topics discussed: Fama Fraternitatis, criticism of the Golden Dawn, circumstances of departure therefrom, reformulation of Grade material, Fohat, books written.