Declaratio Lucis

To serve the Limitless Light and travel the Path of Return for its own sake; To labor at the Great Work and become a conscious assistant of Evolution on all levels; To unveil the Mysteries of Nature that one’s service will be guided by Truth; To awaken the proper degree of respect for the precious miracle of Life regardless of the form that it inhabits; That one might rise from the ashes of darkness and ignorance to take wing with the Phoenix into the Spiritual Sun; This is the Ideal of the Task to which we have set ourselves and the goal of our purpose.

We do reaffirm the Universal Reformation of Humanity as declared in the older manifestoes of the Tradition. To restore, preserve and enlarge those ancient mystical and philosophical systems of initiation, by which humanity will be inclined toward a state of mutual understanding and spiritual integrity. The extension and perfection of all the Arts, by which the power of beauty may be released as a civilizing force. The reconstitution of states toward a philosophic commonwealth whereby the illusion of competition and separateness will be dispelled by the reality of interdependent co- operation. The creation among the learned of a permanent organization dedicated to essential advancement, devoted to all branches of useful knowledge and capable of providing a perpetual incentive for human progress. The accomplishment of all change without such revolutions as endanger the life and property of the private citizen. The principal instrument of improvement is education. The wise one cannot be enslaved, and the ignorant one cannot be freed.

A New Order of Ages has blessed us with a Golden Dawn. A Tradition of ritual and ideal born from the Limitless Light of Being. A map of the labyrinth to guide us to the Inmost and Most High. The Lie of Separateness has held the Human Race in its grip since before the time of Imperial Rome. Many have succumbed to its subtle seductiveness. Even our own Tradition has suffered this taint and yet the Diaspora of its illumination continues to blossom. The time is upon us for a real, conscious, sustained effort to join together as One for the putting of the Great Work First before the origin or pedigree of a particular vehicle or the grade of one’s attunement. Ours is a Path which quits this Night of Materialism for an Unreserved Dedication to the Light – a dedication of service to all Life.

Such is the Oratory of our hearts and the Laboratory of our hands and minds for
The Hermetic Light is Truth and Wisdom.