The Adoration

The Adoration

by Aurora’s Son

Initiatic Formula for Spiritual Equilibration

The value of all ritual is not in its form but more in its inherent resonance between the Initiate and the spirit of the Letter. One could very easily see the value of centeredness that one could achieve if everyday upon waking we would say to ourselves “I will use this day to bring joy to one person I come in contact with”. The words themselves have no inherent power to them but they begin to build within the practitioner a state of mental alignment that first designates that there is something within that I can give to bring the joy and secondly that it is an act of service to transmit that to another. The opposite of this would be to wake up each day and mentally aspire to “I know today will be a bad day”.

As an Initiate, we have many tools within our daily regimen that can continually build and edify us. All are for spiritual development even though we may classify some as elemental, planetary, or cosmic. The tools have been designed for the specific purpose of making each of us fit vehicles for Divine forces to express themselves within our Sphere of Sensation. They each have particular levels of power and energy to continually move us to more reception of LVX and with that more direct usage of service to our companions within this lifewave.

The Adoration is one such tool. We know that parts of this rubric can be found within the Divine Pymander, parts that designate a hymn to the One. Using this ancient reference we can see that it is truly a song of worship to the ALL, the One without second, the Divine Father/Mother. Reading through this text we can surmise that the writer tried to condense all that could be said of praise and worship to the Divine into a small piece of poetry. But let us not stop there.

As it is brought to us, the form has been designed to do something more than offer praise to That Which Is. It is a tool to bring the Initiate into Identification with the One. As one reads the Pymander and truly listens to the conversation between Tat and Hermes, it is obvious that the text is composed to move the mind to a lofty height where one gains a glimpse of the relationship between the Divine and Humanity. They are not two opposing entities but One. It could be said that the conversation is a communion between the head and the heart of the Individual and that Person is not and cannot be divided. The Lord of the Universe is ALL THAT IS.

But what is the formula and what is it designed to do? The interior sphere of sensation of each of us is well known within the occult and metaphysical community. We are the confluence and concourse of the hidden forces of the starry heavens. Our physical bodies are the outcome of those energies played out into the material world. Our emotions and feelings are manifestations of thought and we have been designed without flaws. In a word we are perfection. What we see around us as outside of the will of the Divine is merely illusion and we play with this delusion just as a child carries out a war battle in his backyard or sets a princess’ table with her tea set. Our most important work is to align or equilibrate the Actual, the Real, with our perceptions. We do this by bringing what is Good, True, and Beautiful within to the without.

An artist creates a masterpiece based on the images that percolate from the inside. She “sees” a vision of a Mona Lisa or a David or a Chatres Cathedral and then moves the vision into concreteness. If it stays within her head, it is not shared with others but still has its value to her. And yet, once it has been completed by whatever means that gives it permanence within the world, we each then have the opportunity to share in her creation. The Divine has put that same ability within each of us.

The vision that we each share is the erecting of the Kingdom of Beauty within our own spheres. It is the Rainbow Bridge of Norse mythology, the Grail Castle, the Holy City of Revelations. It is the actual functioning of perfection within the human constitution. The perfect alignment and equilibration of the Interior Stars or Chakras along with the unobstructed flow of Divine forces within the Initiates sphere of sensation is the awakening to communion with the One and once accomplished produces one who is the manifestation of the True Vision of Divinity or using the biblical title, Emmanuel, God with Us.

Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe begins the rubric. Facing the East, the Initiate turns toward the Source of LVX, the Dawn of Creation, Aurora. As the Sun rises it is brought into the mind that this is a new day, a new birth of the Light that begins a new walk through creation, making all things new. The joy and wonder of the birth of a new child is its closest relation. Life begins here in a sense with the first breath taken, bringing the Light within and centering it within Kether, the sphere of the Limitless Abiding, the place of Pymander’s MIND. The radiance can be allowed to accumulate here for a time to bring the Initiates understanding that this is a Divine undertaking as awesome as the split microsecond prior to the Big Bang explosion of our celestial birth. This is Us in our true form not the lowly worm we have been taught. This point can dissolve all sense of opposition or sense of separateness to others because it is in fact the birthplace of every living thing. Am I espousing Identification with GOD! I answer a resounding “YES!” for there is no Other, there is only ONE.

Holy art Thou, Whom Nature hath not formed is again the affirmation that this Divine Light that is our foundation is the Creator not created. This star is centered within the Daath sphere, the place of Experential Knowledge, the idea of Knowledge as Communion. Birth moves outward from within the sphere of Adam Kadmon and inwards to each individual expression of this Oversoul to create a new world, a new star, a new point of Joy and Beauty within the Universe. The ecstasy of this movement of LVX from Kether to Daath can be as powerful as lightning piercing through an oak tree. What it accomplishes is the sense of Unity behind all ideas, concepts, and thoughts. They have there origin in One Person.

Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty ONE is the point that I open my eyes. All that I “see” is my creation. The mountains, the sky, the birds, the water, the wind, etc. are mine for they are one with me. Separateness means to set apart and in Tiphareth, the sphere of the Anointed, I know that the heart and life that beats and moves within all things is the same as that which is in me. At this point, one can take a pause just to feel the breath of Life that connects one to the other, the Water of Life that springs eternal within each thing, the Spirit of Love that pulses from one point to another through Eternity. With arms spread and feet together, the Initiate hangs between heaven and earth and identifies with all existence, truly connects with ALL THAT IS. These thoughts of Unity become grounded within us and allow the Initiate to begin to see with one eye, a single vision of purity and awe.

Lord of the Light and of the Darkness ends the rubric by bringing all of the power and love of the Birth of the Dawn down into our world of duality, Malkuth, the world of Adonai, not with the sense of espousing separateness but to see what Beauty can be expressed in the manifold, “manifested Cosmos”. Each encounter with another living thing is a joining, a communion with Light. Its variations should be seen as the extensions of the prism, not the sole color but one of many colors that make up the spectrum. The Initiate endeavors to manifest the Light within and sees its reflection in all. This pillar of light now shines within a Temple not made with hands and exudes the heat and intensity of a new born star, bringing life and light continually.

Let us not forget the AMEN, the intonation that seals the lightning flash within the sphere to incubate or seed the next birthing. The energy is thus grounded within and serves as a harmonic attunement that continually vibrates at the deepest levels of our souls, again establishing our connection with one another. As this is intoned, the light can used to bathe the earth on which we stand making us a conduit of the light into the heart of the world we share.