The Pond Is Still

The pond is still
Reflecting myself to itself
Enigma to itself while light dances on the waves. Pearls of grey water droplets mix and mingle with the other Hoping to become one, seeking, seeking out Farther away from waters edge.

Take what up that you think to know
Decipher the watery code – H2O
Study well this element which takes on the forms of many.
Let your fueled emotions mold and shape the form.
Speaks to you in a cryptic manner but you know to intuit it sayings.

Look beyond the surface of the water and submerge deeper, deeper, till you reach that dark scary place. You know better that this is the pond of our potential to seed thought. The thoughts will take shape and form that will become your new personality. Arise from you water death and be purified anew to start a journey into the sun.

———– David Gentry