Emerald Tablet of Hermes

True, without falsehood, certain, and most true: What is Below is as what is Above, and what is Above is as what is Below, in order to bring forth the Miracles of the One Thing. And as all things originate from One, by the self-contemplation of One (Mind), so all things are born in like manner by the modification of the One Thing. Its Father is the Sun; its Mother is the Moon; the Wind carries it within its Womb; Its Nurse is the Earth. Here is the Source of all things and Consummation of the whole World. Its virtue is perfected if it is turned into Earth.

Separate Earth by Fire, the subtle from the gross, sweetly, and with great genius. It ascends from Earth to Heaven, and then descends again to Earth, and receives the Power of the Superiors and of the Inferiors. Thus will you have the Glory of the whole World; therefore, will all Obscurity flee from you. This is the greatest Power of all Power, because it is victorious over every subtle, and penetrates every solid, thing. So the World was created. Hence were all wonderful Adaptations, according to the Pattern shown here. Therefore am I called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the Philosophy of the whole World. What I have to say is completed concerning the Work of the Sun.