Paul Foster Case Archive

Masonic Affiliations Abstract of Paul Case's Masonic memberships culled from the archives of the Masonic Grand Lodge of California. Author: Kevin M. Tuck PFC Bibliography A comprehensive list of known…

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Tarot Reflections

Tarot Reflections by Soror A. T. Tarot in the Development of the Initiate What the Tarot is, is unique, complex, cyclic, a complete revelation of Power, Love, and Wisdom. It…

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The Adoration

The Adoration by Aurora's Son Initiatic Formula for Spiritual Equilibration The value of all ritual is not in its form but more in its inherent resonance between the Initiate and…

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Communion with the Divine

All of our rituals, practices, and studies are intended to lead us to one thing: Communion with the Divine. There are many ways of looking at both of these terms…

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